Adding Value to
Established Boards

Bespoke solutions for the betterment of organizations and family business boards through director assignments, strategic advisory, and education.

Board Briefings

Get David’s insights on the hot topics currently sweeping through global governance communities.


Bring your board up to speed on today’s essential governance tools and best practices.

Board Evaluations

Use David’s practical experience to identify opportunities in your Board processes and improve your Board’s effectiveness in adding value.


Starting with one-on-one interviews with each director, David’s typical Board Evaluation is thoroughly set in the particular context of each company.

Board Chair Advisory

A great Chair is essential to all well-functioning, value-added Boards of Directors. 


David provides a wealth of practical experience that can greatly assist any and all Chairs in helping their Board achieve their full potential.

Bettering Family Businesses

Establish a sound future for your next generation with David’s collected insights from decades of advising Canada’s top corporations.


With unparalleled experiences in governance, he’ll tell you what matters most in family businesses, and what family leaders can do to ensure their legacy.


Through his bespoke courses, David has defined the processes of Canada’s most notable family businesses, equipping them with tools to make the right calls for generations to come.

Bespoke Course Design

Empower your next generation with a tailored Development Course designed by David, the Professor of Strategy at Canada’s top business school.

Build Family Decision-Making Protocols

Explore Strategic Tools

Learn from Case Histories