Expert Board Evaluator with Proven Track Record and Independent Perspective to Ensure Optimal Governance and Oversight.

Board evaluation is crucial for any organization, as it helps ensure the board functions effectively and efficiently.

I offer unparalleled expertise conducting board evaluations drawing from my experience as Chair of David & Sharon Johnston Center for Corporate Governance Innovation and Professor of Strategy at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, and with experience serving on 40 boards across different countries. 


My foundational role in the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance further demonstrates my profound understanding of both timeless governance practices and emerging trends. You can trust in my meticulous approach, which focuses on delivering superior outcomes and enabling your organization to achieve its objectives with excellence.

Why Board Evaluations Matter

A brilliant board evaluation is vital for achieving a high-performing board that effectively embraces Hindsight, Oversight, and Foresight. With my expertise in gathering honest feedback, facilitating insightful discussions, partnering with board chair, and designing actionable roadmaps, I can elevate your board’s performance. Together we can transform your board from merely busy to truly value-added by seamlessly incorporating the three Lines of Sight.

What aspects of the board
do I evaluate?

To better understand your board, I evaluate three key components: the people, the work, and the alignment – how the board and management work together.

How I Can Help Evaluate Your Board

Distinguished corporate director and educator with extensive board experience. 


I am an experienced corporate director and educator with a proven track record of serving on 40 boards across several countries and leading as chairman of 9 public and 2 private companies.




Committed to excellence and delivering results



If you are seeking a board evaluation expert with extensive experience, a strong track record, and a commitment to excellence, reach out today.





Specialization in Board Briefings, Advisory, and Evaluation


Specializes in board briefings, advisory, and evaluation to provide valuable insights to your board to help make informed decisions






Clear and Concise Coaching on Board Briefing


I provide professional coaching services to assist board members in effectively communicating complex information with clarity and conciseness By facilitating efficient decision-making, my coaching and advisory ultimately enhances board performance.


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Additional Academic Assignments

American University of Cairo

Visiting Professor, Corporate Governance

University of Lebanon

Guest Lecturer, Corporate Governance

Akademias (Iceland)

Guest Lecturer, Corporate Governance

Spanish Institute of Corporate Directors

Guest Lecturer, Corporate Governance

Fudan University, Shanghai China

Guest Lecturer, Corporate Governance

Australian Institute of Corporate Directors, Sydney

Guest Lecturer, Corporate Governance

Advising Organizations At Home and Abroad

Reaching across industries, David has played crucial roles on the boards of advisory groups and organizations.

What I deliver to make a board more effective​

A clear and concise plan that prioritizes key objectives to foster independent contributions and interpersonal collaboration among board members regarding board performance, resulting in open, honest feedback and a culture of continuous improvement.

A personalized and adaptable approach in partnership with the board chair that can effectively manage unexpected emerging challenges and navigate complex political issues.

An impartial perspective that promotes constructive discourse and enhances relationships to empower boards into achieving tremendous success.

A succinct and well-organized report that accurately identifies pertinent challenges and presents actionable recommendations to address them.

A meaningful debriefing process that features facilitated 1:1 discussions, educational opportunities on best practices, and collaborative planning to drive positive change.