Board Chair Advisory Services for Successful Board Development

Expert guidance and insights from a top decorated, world class board chair

As Chair of David & Sharon Johnston Center for Corporate Governance Innovation and Professor of Strategy at Rotman School of Management, the University of Toronto, David Beatty Board Advisory Services are designed to support your organization in achieving its
goals by providing expert guidance and insights to board chairs overseeing the development of value-added corporate governance.

What is board chair advisory?

Understanding Board Effectiveness.

Board chair advisory refers to providing guidance, advice, and insight to your organization’s board chair. It involves engaging an external professional or consultant, such as myself, with extensive industry knowledge and first hand experience to offer insights and strategic recommendations to your board. This collaborative approach empowers your board chair to make informed decisions, navigate challenges, and drive the organization’s success.


Overall board effectiveness is the responsibility of the chair. By augmenting their abilities, I provide value as an effective corporate governance and strategic decision-making expert who can stand as a  neutral intermediary and confidant. This is why my board advisory services can be directly tailored to equipping the board chair with making improvements towards informed decisions, presenting valuable perspectives between directors, preparing for challenges, and maximizing performance, resulting in success.

Why you should choose my services

I am committed to helping your organization achieve its full potential through effective board governance. My Board Advisory Services are designed to provide the following:

Thorough examination of your governance landscape, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

Customized solutions to address your specific needs and challenges.

Extensive knowledge and insights for informed guidance aligned with industry best practices.

Commitment to confidentiality and professionalism in protecting sensitive information.

Collaboration with the chair, the board and executive team for unified governance excellence.

Ongoing support and resources to implement recommendations and achieve long-term board performance improvements.

How I can offer advisory support to the board chair

Optimizing Board Composition for Effective Governance


Board Composition and Structure: I assist the chair in evaluating and optimizing your board composition, ensuring that it reflects the necessary skills, diversity, and experience to govern and guide your organization effectively. I can guide the chair through these comprehensive assessments that are vital to identifying areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Ensuring Continuity with Succession Planning


Succession Planning – Whether it is the sacred task of the board in hiring the next CEO or filling a board seat strategically, I help organizations develop robust succession plans to ensure a smooth leadership transition and maintain continuity in strategic decision-making. 







Implementing Effective Corporate Governance


Governance Best Practices – I provide guidance on implementing best practices in corporate governance, including board policies, procedures, and risk management strategies. WIth my support, chairs increase the impact of their leadership mandates in building a value-added board.







Building Trust and Collaboration through Stakeholder Engagement


Stakeholder Engagement: I can advise you on effective stakeholder engagement strategies to build trust, enhance communication, and foster collaboration among your board members, management, and other stakeholders.








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Additional Academic Assignments

American University of Cairo

Visiting Professor, Corporate Governance

University of Lebanon

Guest Lecturer, Corporate Governance

Akademias (Iceland)

Guest Lecturer, Corporate Governance

Spanish Institute of Corporate Directors

Guest Lecturer, Corporate Governance

Fudan University, Shanghai China

Guest Lecturer, Corporate Governance

Australian Institute of Corporate Directors, Sydney

Guest Lecturer, Corporate Governance

Advising Organizations At Home and Abroad

Reaching across industries, David has played crucial roles on the boards of advisory groups and organizations.