Board Excellence in the Age of Rapid Changes: Tailored Strategies for the Modern Board Briefing

Board Briefings for Informed Decision-Making and More

With my experience as the founding Managing Director of the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance and involvement in the Canadian Directors’ Education Program, I possess extensive knowledge of effective governance practices and board education. My Board Advisory Services provide a strategic approach to board briefing, delivering concise, relevant, and impactful information. Trust in my expertise to provide excellent board briefings that empower your organization.

Why your organization needs a board briefing

A Board of directors’ responsibilities and duties are constantly evolving. It is an extremely challenging, yet valuable, goal for any board and individual director to go beyond the default rubber stamping and policing function of the standard board. 

Consider the impact of the digital tsunami. For instance, Google estimates that half the businesses on the S&P 500 will be gone in eight years.  The digital tsunami is one of many rapidly accelerating hot topics that effective boards must consider in order to operate effectively. 

A board briefing is a vital tool for your organization to keep up momentum in making your board of directors informed on its performance, financial situation, strategic initiatives, and other essential information in relation to best practices and emerging trends.

By providing regular updates on macro trends and discussing priorities, I will help your board align on your organization’s goals and guide the leadership team.

Board briefings can also be used to facilitate decision-making and ensure compliance with strategy, legal, regulatory, and ethical requirements. 

In short, board briefings help keep your board informed, engaged, and able to support your organizational or business leadership. 

How can I optimize your organization through board briefing?

Harnessing the power of social media and modern communication while managing associated risks.

Updating directors on the latest trends and practices in board management for successful strategies.

Considering environmental and social goals in board decision-making (ESG).

Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion in corporate governance.

By addressing the challenges and opportunities of digitization and  developing strategies to leverage its benefits.

Fulfilling the critical role of hiring the CEO and ensuring a smooth leadership transition.

Unique board briefings with my expertise

Expertise in encouraging clarity of purpose, effective collaboration, and change management for optimal outcomes.


Industry-specific insights to provide solutions that address unique needs and competitive realities.


Proficiency in virtual and one-on-one engagements, utilizing education, inspiration, and challenge to drive lasting results.

Leverage my professional experience and practical solutions to navigate industry complexities and achieve sustainable success.

Executive coaching for confidential discussions on critical decisions, key relationships, and realistic perspectives.


Gain the confidence to address challenges and achieve desired outcomes with my guidance.


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Additional Academic Assignments

American University of Cairo

Visiting Professor, Corporate Governance

University of Lebanon

Guest Lecturer, Corporate Governance

Akademias (Iceland)

Guest Lecturer, Corporate Governance

Spanish Institute of Corporate Directors

Guest Lecturer, Corporate Governance

Fudan University, Shanghai China

Guest Lecturer, Corporate Governance

Australian Institute of Corporate Directors, Sydney

Guest Lecturer, Corporate Governance

Advising Organizations At Home and Abroad

Reaching across industries, David has played crucial roles on the boards of advisory groups and organizations.