The Augmentation Age Is Upon Us

The AI Tsunami: A webinar series on the next major technology wave

My intuition tells me that the arrival of artificial intelligence might very well trigger an organizational extinction event on an unprecedented scale, especially for ones that don’t prepare and act right away.

Hour-long accelerated learning for chairs and directors

In collaboration with Nick Darveau-Garneau, Google’s former Chief Evangelist, AI Tsunami is an illuminating series of 12 events in which we explore the transformative realm of AI in modern businesses and boardrooms. From distinguished CEOs of top-tier corporations to thought leaders and AI trailblazers, each event features guests from our respective networks that are prominent in the AI landscape. In the past, we’ve had guests from Google, Cohere, and countless others.

Don’t get left behind

With my years of experience on boards and, more generally, in organizations of all sizes, I’ve been witness to countless changes. Some of these were industry-specific and quite targeted. Others, though, brought about major shifts—both in how we think and how we do things.


Nick, my partner on this webinar, and I use this series as an opportunity to explore today’s pressing issues surrounding AI. Our aim is to discuss topics affecting organizations of all kinds, from strategy, board governance, corporate policy, and ethical implications to Canada’s position in the AI realm. 


Whether you’re a board member, a director, or a top executive, we want you to walk away with valuable insights from our guests, who are leading the charge in this new business landscape.

A webinar series for you

Our goal is to help you avoid the extinction event and better prepare your organization for the impending seismic shifts. Whether it’s Gopi Kallayil, Google’s Chief Business Strategist AI, or Jonathan Rosenbluth, Director of Product at Cohere, we want you to be able to learn from our selection of industry pioneers and thought leaders who are in the thick of it.
Some of our guests make additional materials available to our audience. We typically share these through our newsletter, which you can register for to stay updated and receive news about our future events.

Become an expert

1. Leverage our guests’ collective experience.


At startups and giants like Google, plus everything else in between, our guests have been shaping the AI landscape for years already. Learn about how some of our guests, past and present, have implemented beneficial solutions within their organizations.

2. An ever-evolving field requires a flexible approach.


We curate the sessions’ content based on what we feel our attendees would benefit most from. Ask questions during our live events and answer our surveys so we know what matters most to you. Register for a future session by browsing our schedule of upcoming events.


3. Don’t break the bank.


To encourage knowledge sharing and foster a helpful community, we want you to be able to view this content at any time and from anywhere, completely free of charge.



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